Ditch your old, messy news feed and see recommendations from your peers about things that matter. Beta available for Android and iOS.

Peero is the free professional networking app that allows you to easily share your favorite podcasts, books, events, and more to connect and meet others.

Share what you're actually doing with peers. No boring resume bullet points.

See activity and development trends in key professions and industries in real-time. Find your path.

Organic connecting and real relationship building based on business-related interests.

Filter and connect with people who have things in common with you—your feed will be full of items you actually care about.

Get recommendations from friends and colleagues about books, podcasts, lectures, new tech, conferences, and more. No self-promotion, no political talk, no junk.

See what's popular within certain professions and learn what it takes to transition or stay at the top of your game.

Join Peero, it's free and available to select beta users!